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Alojamiento Rural en Casa Cueva

Alojamiento Rural en Casa Cueva (Rural accommodation in cave house), Spain
Photographer: David Vico, Caja de luz Studio

Design brief and aim

Maintaining a fluid and continuous dialogue between pre-existing conditions and new architecture. The project was designed with a multifunctional floor capable of responding to the distinct needs of the accommodation.

How this was accomplished

The space sits in the foothills of Sierra Morena, in calcarenite stone terrain, and arranged in a slightly sloping strata that gives rise to various geological formations native to the area; among these are caves that have resulted from quarrying.

The particularity of the cave house can be found in the bedroom with the presence of a wide opening to the exterior facing east, capturing the morning light while at the same time providing a healthful dose of cross ventilation.The flooring acts as a vertical division in the bathroom as it rises to create the only sector that is differentiated inside the cave; as such, it provides intimacy while changing the chromatic hue of its finish.
The use of glass in the façade creates a set of transparencies that likewise sheds light upon the characteristics of the space. The façade of the cave house is joined to a series of vernacular building structures rooted in the traditional use of the farm.

Concrete and marble in the flooring, glass openings to the south and handcrafted wooden furniture provide warmth to the cave house. How green was my project With a keen awareness of the high value of natural space, the process has caused the least possible impact on the walls and ceiling of the natural stone. Happily ever after This new spatial experience values the tectonic nature of the area through the use of new architectural elements: clean and quiet volumes, and bright and ample spaces.