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Burrito Loco

Burrito Loco

Prague, Czech Republic Commission: Studio Formafatal, Czech Republic

Photos: Jakub Skokan a Martin Tůma – BoysPlayNice

Studio Formafatal was asked to design the interior of a fast food chain (Burrito Loco), which would be characteristic for all new establishments. Looking to translate the Mexican cuisine theme, the designer chose distinctive features and highlights: monochrome tiles, a distinctive color palette, corrugated sheet metal cladding, and traditional design elements .

The symbol of the cactus was stylized in different forms, whereas other features like sombreros and garlands reflect Mexican design elements. The motifs on the pillows are in the shape of a stylized sun and the corrugated sheet metal cladding symbolizes Mexican residences.These elements of whimsy and glamour applied to the space gives a Mexican touch to the interiors of the restaurant.