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Bringing the mountain into the bar

 Daipu Architects, China employed a new structural language for Anti-Domino No. 02 in Wood Mountain, China.

Inside story Text: Sneha Kanrar

The owner chose the site for people to enjoy both the pleasing environment and the unique skyline.

The architect sought to simulate the special mountainous space of the Chongqing; the mountainous terrain is introduced into the restricted concrete space with integration of a more subtle scale of furniture which amplifies the dimensional feeling of the space and introduces the more relaxed body gestures (sitting, lying, squatting, and leaning).

The design can be seen as topography, landscape, and furniture design; a new topographical structure replaces the previous horizontal floor while generating a completely new public space inside the super high-rise. It also creates connection through the roof garden, top-level residential blocks, work units on the middle floors and the commercial space on the ground floor. Moreover, the super high-rise is not only a closed structure inside, but also a lonely island in the city.

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