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Brijrama Palace, Varanasi, India

Ravi Kumar Gupta & Associates, Rajasthan, India

Design brief and aim
The brief was to convert and refit the structure as a hotel while preserving its historic charm.

How this was accomplished
The restoration process for this abandoned palace involved clearing the site, the procurement of Chunar stone (the original material), reinstallation of broken columns, lintels and arches and also some new additions.

The designer retained the walls, artwork and niches. while constructing new roofs, using the old salvaged wood for making new rafters. A new structure was added at the rear to be used as guest rooms.
A STP plant was built so as not to discharge effluents into the Ganga. The electrical systems were carried in floor as most of the walls are stone, while high wall split ACs were used as ceiling heights were low and no ducting was possible.

Happily ever after
The ambience recreates the glory of the past through its intricate detailing.