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Menswear Studio

Commission: Ar. Ayesha Puri

The concept for this store came directly from the designer Ayesha Puri, who wanted it to serve many purposes - a menswear boutique, a studio for client fittings and a space for conducting meetings.

To achieve all these aims, the architect worked with the dimensions of the small space, creating a pleasant but professional ambience. One wall has a display of nine canvases featuring different collar styles in different colours. A metal rack designed in the form of a grid almost resembles an art installation, while serving as a space to hang garments and accessories, and can be expanded in any direction to accommodate more items. A cupboard of niches tucked away in a corner by the window draws from the same concept of the grid.
The overall design draws ideas from sustainable fashion, including smaller design details such as lighting fixtures made from recycled pipes, old ropes wound around table legs and used as curtain ties, and a metal rack made from scrap steel bars, preserving its original rust finish.

The fashion industry is a continuously expanding one; so the idea of changing styles within a finite framework is appropriately embodied in the space while using eclectic design solutions.