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Compact Meeting Spaces

Awfis Centre, Bengaluru
Debora Emert CID, LEED®, AP Design Director India

Design brief and aim:
The project, a venture featuring ready-to-use, plug & play office spaces, was conceived with the vision of revolutionizing the office space delivery ecosystem in India through technology. The design is vibrant and minimalist, using new age materials, technology and a decluttered design vocabulary.

How this was accomplished:
The designers’ attempt to make the building a futuristic space led to the design style being bold, vibrant and minimal, while allowing for natural light to filter through.
The well-defined collaboration area features interesting furniture, installations, flexible settings for events, enclosed spaces with good acoustics and meeting areas that can be easily reconfigured. The major emphasis was on setting up compact and cozy meeting lounges with comfortable furniture. Inspirational graphics define the brand vocabulary and create a way finding system through the space.

Happily ever after:
This office space provides an inspiring environment for the working population and redefines the way work gets done in the current business environment.