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No Network No Hub

Hubba-to co-working and artisan space, Bangkok
Supermachine studio, thailand

Photograph: wison Tungthunya

Design brief and aim:
The design intent was to expand the already wide networks, strengthening the concept of being a “hub” and reinforcing the “co-working” philosophy.

How this was accomplished:
The design takes shape from an idea of extending networking lines of Hubba’s original logo and multiplying them to unify space on ground and second floor.
The artisan space consists of several handmade facilities such as pottery, wood studio, open kitchen and photography dark room, screening room for different lectures, workshops and seminars is also added.
Number of M&E lines was to be installed in the project and with the application of turquoise color; these conduits are visually presented throughout the space as an incorporated ornament in architectural space. Raw concrete finished floor, walls with lacquer coated black steel panels and acrylic paint and raw concrete ceiling further ads to the rustic material palate.

Happily ever after:
Curated in a different and fresh manner, the space clearly reflects the principles of no network, no hub.