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New Penthouse For Rosa Alpina Hotel And Spa
Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Italy
Photos: Alex Filz

Design brief and aim
To convey the ruggedness of this property’s mountainous environment while maintaining comfort and luxury.

How this was accomplished 
A 160 sq m penthouse is the latest lavish addition to a wooden structure known for its use of low environmental impact materials. Situated on the fourth floor, the penthouse is composed of three suites, a large lounge with glass paneled windows overlooking the mountains, a fireplace and a bar and kitchen area. A rigorous reinterpretation of tradition showcases the hotel’s location amongst the majestic Dolomite peaks, displaying traditional materials while weaving in contemporary design elements.
A private wellness area within the penthouse directly faces the mountain, bringing harmony to the natural lines of the designed spaces alongside an external oasis of tranquility. Furniture has been selected to add color and elegance to spaces dominated by wood. Further, white contrasts with larch wood and intense shades of green in the interiors. 

Happily ever after
The design approach establishes a delicate equilibrium between manmade and natural beauty, each standing out without overshadowing the other.