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The Millhouse Kitchen, Ahmedabad

Studio Osmosis, Mumbai

Design brief and aim

To design a commercial kitchen which is compact and highly efficient for the chefs to operate even at peak times and is completely visible to guests.
How this was accomplished

The Millhouse Kitchen consists of an island model which is divided into different “Lines”.  (‘Line’ is a technical term for a space in the kitchen where actual cooking is done. )Each Line is a self-sufficient unit where a section of the menu is cooked.  Line 1 has a gas range, a flat top grill and a fryer and faces Line 2 which has a gas range, a grill and a salamander.. On one side of the Island is Line 3 which has a work table with a cold bain marie, waffle iron & griller.
There is no gas range as no cooking happens here and caters to Salads, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs etc. This section faces the guests as it is the most pleasant section of the kitchen and the guests get to see all the activity even when they are dining. Line 1, 2 & 3 combine together to make up the island. Line 4 has a work table, Combi Oven, Dough Kneader & a roller oven for Pizza. This is the Bakery & Pastry section. The space is designed in such a way that each Line has easy access to two critical things in a commercial kitchen; a sink and storage. Hence every line has been provided with a sink at the end of the line and has been fitted with under counter refrigerators where the chefs have easy access to material without having to move from their cooking stations. The entire kitchen has a heavy duty exhaust & fresh air system which keeps the space cool and comfortable for the chefs to work specially in the summers where the temperatures in the kitchen are known to cross 40 degrees.