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A Barrier-Free Space

Ekaa, Bengaluru
Fulcrum Design Studio, Bengaluru
Photos: Pallon Daruwala

Design brief and aim
To create a barrier-free space rooted in tradition which de-stresses and unclutters the mindspace of the user.

How this was accomplished
Straddling 15,000 sq ft and soaring 200 ft above terra firma, this is one of the largest penthouses in Bengaluru. A majestic, pivoted door beckons to the temple space, the form of which has been derived from the ephermal lotus. The home circumabulates around this axis.
Every element in the house is detailed: the bidri coffee tables, the metal plant sculptures, the motifs on fabrics, the discreet lighting and the pristine ceiling. The sofas are arranged in customized clusters and the flooring potrays a sweeping serpentine form of marble and Mother of Pearl.
The open kitchen with two, contrasting dining experiences respond to the clients’ request for a low, Asian styled seating space coupled with the western dining option. The master bedroom is framed by a four-poster bed and an irridescent Mother of Pearl inlay in white marble. A striking lapus lazuli adds flawless artistry to the interiors.

Happily ever after 
Life is a splendid play of classic lines and playful, new age living.