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SDM Architects give Bandra station much-needed makeover

Bandra Station Improvement Project, Mumbai
SDM Architects, Mumbai

Design brief and aim
To provide an urban design and traffic management solution for Bandra Station plaza.

How this will be accomplishedKey objectives of the solution include the safe and comfortable transfers of transportation (train to bus, train to rickshaw), organized traffic movement in neat patterns and a range of auto rickshaw interactions: single passenger and share system. Design strategies include clearly marked areas for drop-offs, restriction of car movement in the station area, a high quality urban environment with landscaping, furniture, lighting and pedestrianization of the Nandi Cinema lane.
Introduction of a Station Area Traffic Improvement Scheme (SATIS) will also help reduce congestion near the railway station. The proposed system has digital signboards, which may be changed at different times of the day to match the changing needs of commuters. This system will be administered in consultation with the auto rickshaw drivers’ union.
Happily ever after

The identity of the plaza has been integrated thoughtfully with the built environment, ascribing character to the space.