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Accent walls for homes

Text: Aashita Chadha, Co-Founder and CFO, The KariGhars , Bengaluru

Accent walls are extremely important in room décor and planning as they promote sophisticated highlights. They must be properly position to avail of their full effect, which is to attract attention and retain one’s focus. If the accent wall is poorly placed, one would end up highlighting the room’s imperfections such as the layout and flow. Consider accentuating the existing features of the space, such as headboard, vaulted ceilings and fireplace. Should your home be simple, use statement furniture such as décor pieces and retro sofa.

Accent walls are created by using wallpaper and paint, which also depends on what the client wants. Painting rooms elevate the room’s look and depth with minimal effort, but it can’t be changed seasonally. On the other hand, wallpapers are affordable but require professional installation. Wallpapers are easily changed to match seasonal décor trends, which makes them great for interested homeowners. Choosing the right colour or wallpaper for your accent wall in vibrant shades such as peacock green, crimson and sunset orange. One must complement this with a soft neutral colour palette using pastels, but avoid wallpapers altogether if you have contrasting patterns in the room. Also, it lends a heavy cluttered look to the space.