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7 decor trends going away in 2023

Text: Raghav Gupta, Director of ecommerce, The Rug Republic, New Delhi

Trends change all the time; unless one keeps a track of them, their style statement might seem outdated. Should they like to upgrade their design, they should avoid the following styles:

  • Farmhouse chic

Characterised by distressed wood, vintage accents and subdued colours, it reflects charm and cosiness. Though this aesthetic has been popular for a few years now, it has also become predictable.

  • Tropical prints

Though bold and colourful prints are fun and vibrant, they have now become dated and over-the-top.

  • Industrial style

This aesthetic is defined by a raw edgy style that uses exposed brick, pipes and metal. Though it looks interesting, it has become quite common.

  • All-white interiors

While white can be clean and refreshing, it can be cold and unwelcoming for others. Though they have trended for several years, they now feel too stark and uninviting.

  • Minimalism

This is popular for so many years, but many people can choose another aesthetic instead. While minimalism is elegant and chic, it could also feel a lack in warmth and personality – bordering on austerity and unapproachability.

  • Wall art

While a statement art piece is an excellent addition to a room, filling an entire wall with a large bold piece can make a room feel cramped and cluttered.

  • Quirky Accents

Quirky accents, like taxidermy, have been a popular trend for a few years. While a unique accent can be an interesting addition to a room, too many can make a space feel overwhelming and chaotic.