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A-Class Marble launches new collection

The Exotic Collection aims to add a glamorous sophistication to outdoor and indoor spaces, due to its translucent finish. It has attractive veining, which is why it’s extremely durable, stain-resistant and versatile.

  • Patagonia

It has elaborate veining with different textures and colours, and its sharp contrasting patterns are suited for bright and spacious entertainment spaces.

  • Emerald Quartz

The emerald-green colour brings in energy and lustre with its undertones of beige and deep blue. One can experiment with the bejewelled shade that brings in a down-to-earth opulence.

The Opera Collection is available in 18 mm and 20 mm, and it is suitable for living and dining spaces due to its low maintenance and aesthetic. Made from onyx, one can use accent walls in bathrooms and bar countertops.

  • Smokey Onyx

The contrasting monochrome veining adds a sophisticated luxury.

  • Blue

Blue onyx resembles the sea with its blue colour and white and gold swirls and promotes extravagance in any space.