IFJ – the Indian review of world interiors, architecture, furniture and design – is the only ‘made in India’ publication with international reach in the interiors + design space. It is a unifying platform between allied sectors of the industry. Published six times per year, IFJ (previously known as Index Furniture Journal) is circulated to 30,000 named professionals within the industry including architects, interior designers, builders, furniture manufacturers and retailers, distributors and hospitality management. Every issue of IFJ has a rich mix of news and views, events, trends and developments within the interiors industry and is an important reference and specifying tool for professionals. IFJ is also proud to be an invited member of the prestigious International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP).

IFJ monologue

The desire to create a different space for one’s self in a 21st century context seems very like the desire to stay close to Earth. There seems to be an almost primeval longing to cocoon oneself in an approximation of something ‘Earth’; trees, bark, stone, rock or wood.

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