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ALCOI launches SkyLITE

ALCOI has launched SkyLITE from the SKY series, which features an ergonomic design with a flat and minimal profile. This claim guarantees framed views with greater sightlines and lesser distraction, and an ergonomic long-lever handle is integrated into the system. Due to its modular system and unique handle, one can regulate a range of opening sizes while facilitating easy panel movement.

Designed for large slide openings of up to 350 kilograms shutter weight, the INOX sliding tracks and a roller bogey provide silent ‘lift and slide’ movement with multiple colour options for handles. It offers an embedded lift-and-slide system with a concealed outer frame and flushed shutter profiles for optimum transparency. Single, double and triple-row INOX sliding tracks facilitate frictionless sliding movement. Apart from ensuring safe and smooth operations, these are tracks are removable for easy maintenance. Wraparound glazing gaskets protect the glazing edges with easy glass replacement in case of breakage.

Fitted with special EPDM gaskets, it offers air and water tightness with thermal and acoustic insulation. Also, outer frame tracks are designed with condensation profiles to collect and drain water through weep holes in visually-connected areas.