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Amplifying up the hospitality spaces during the winter festive season

Text: Ar. Khozema Chitalwala, Principal Architect, Designers Group, Mumbai

As the hospitality industry prepares itself for the festive season, the demand for hotel reservations is quite high. Hotel spaces now welcome the joy and celebration of the winter festivities to ensure the best guest experience, such as with customised décor and light installations. The holidays are approaching, which is why they curate a festive-ready experience using decorations to create a magical atmosphere.

  • Lights

As soon as the season begins, buildings are adorned with decorative lighting – which could be fairy lights, string lights or rice lights. They provide the desired illumination while highlighting the façade and entrance, and could be hung or wrapped around pillars and décor pieces. Places them inside jars or drape them around tree branches, or even on the rooftop to create an elegant décor.

Lanterns and tea lights, whether on the floor or suspended, are available in different designs and technologies. Candles light the walkway or entrance when arranged in clusters of different sizes, such as placing votive candles, pillars or candelabras at the reception or lounge table.

  • Gazebos

They are popular for outdoor lounging during festivals and can be easily transformed into elegant intimate dining setups. Sheer fabrics instantly soften the gazebos, creating a dream-like setting for get-togethers. Lights and candles illuminate the space, such as hanging string lights arranged from the centre of the gazebo outwards can be enhanced with different sets of lanterns.

  • Foliage

Flowers are commonly used as bouquets and table decorations, and they have a wide variety of colours and types to choose from. A large pedestal arrangement, hanging baskets, vases and flower walls transform a conventional space into a stunning space, and handrails are dressed in fairy lights and ribbons. Vintage furniture, light-up letters, paper flowers and shapes enliven the space. Patterned tablecloths and table runners, confetti and coloured glass complement vases and vessels for a style statement.