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Art of instilling heritage in new-age homes

Text: Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Founder of Design21, Gurugram

Homes are an extension of our personality and identity, therefore infusing heritage into our homes is part of personalization. Heritage inspires any home interior, celebrates cultural roots, and maintains a connection with them. Cultural décor invites warmth to a home and contributes to rejuvenating experiences, and one must carry their culture to the modern era to spark meaningful conversations.

  • Fabrics and upholsteries

Decorative rugs, blankets, or wall accents like tapestries bring a focal point to the space. Accent walls with traditional art patterns add a texture for a delightful reading nook, while colourfully patterned rugs embrace multiple cultures in a modern home. Tapestries, wall hangings, and throw blankets add a pop of pattern and color, and heritage-inspired throw pillows for beds, sofas, or porch swings are favorites as well.

  • Artistic touches

Expressive with endless possibilities, art shows both culture and personality. Classic paintings that depict Indian culture or photographs that embraces heritage can evoke a nostalgic feel in the interiors. Hallways become a gallery space for artworks, displaying your personality but ownership of the space.

Choosing photo frames that mirror the culture also extends an ethnic-inspired flair in homes. Wallpapers, murals, smaller artistic touches on walls, and furnishings that reflect the heritage instill inspiration. Placing sculptures at strategic focal points of the home also emphasizes the significance of heritage in modern homes.

  • Heritage furniture pieces

Introduce some heritage to any room with refurbished furniture pieces, which add a historical touch to the home. Vintage furniture within living spaces blends heritage with modernity, simultaneously creating highly individualistic spaces. Such statement pieces create an ambiance to transport you to a different era lending a different aesthetic to the living spaces.

Artifacts symbolize cultural settings or historical interests of the homeowners, apart from adding decorative elements and artistic reminiscence of cultural history. Local artifacts are given a modern appeal by simply playing with forms, figures, and shapes.