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Bird’s-eye view for Mumbai home

Photography: Anish Padalkar Photography

Mumbai-based MV Design Studio has designed the Lalbuag Magnum Tower Residence, a residential project with an interplay of geometric patterns and materials. Spread over 900 sq. ft., the home has been converted from a 2BHK apartment into a 2BHK home and incorporates polished dark veneer, raw concrete textures, pure wood, metallic rose gold, and mirrors. Large geometric-patterned beveled mirrors are placed in the narrow entrance passage to visually expand its size, with a crystal rose-gold chandelier contrasting against the dark wood veneer ceiling.

A concrete-textured wallpaper with thin metallic rose gold metallic geometric lines is used for the living room, with a sofa and center table. The TV is installed on a textured marble paneling with dark wooden drawers and shutters. Neutral-colored furniture, accent lights, and light-grey marble flooring break the tradition of the white and beige flooring, contrasting with the darker color palette.

The living room extends to the balcony area, which has a deep blue couch and a Buddha statue against a natural stone-textured wall. There is a vertical garden for a calm and contemporary feel, while the dark louvered ceiling with spotlights adds a soft yellow warmth to the space. The open kitchen has a bronze mirror above the platform that reflects the outside views, adding depth and space to the room without clutter.

A rose-gold, glossy white and grey color palette is chosen for the master bedroom, with a metal jaali behind the island bed. Nature is incorporated into the first son’s bedroom with a raw jute-textured wallpaper, stone-textured upholstered headboard, and concrete-textured wardrobe. Back-painted glass handles and accent lights over the side table add a bold spark to the room. Grey stone-textured tiles and artificial grass above the basin counter with an oak wenge wood ceiling lend a nature-inspired look. Natural stone is used for the basin, concrete knobs and geometric hanging lights are used in the bathroom.

An onyx backlit corner bed against the walnut flooring frees up the entire space for movement, with shades of orange in the TV unit in the wooden room. A walnut backlit counter, shower panel, and large mirrors enhance the bathrooms. The attached bathroom too blends well with the same theme giving a complete walnut wooden look with large mirrors enhancing the space, and a backlit counter and shower panel. White Satvario tiles are used for the common bathroom with a statement rose-gold metal frame before the shower cubicle with rose-gold bath fixtures with cutwork geometric ceiling panel.