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Blend of modernity and nostalgia in Mumbai lounge + resto-bar

Mumbai-based Umesh Desai and Associates are behind the design of Mitron, a lounge and resto-bar project that blends modernity and nostalgia. The challenge was to design a project spread across 7,000 sq. ft. that was extremely open on one side and not so open on the other.

The two sections are a fine-dine lounge on one side, with a high-energy resto-bar on the other. Metal jaali shutters, bar seating, and neon signage defined the brand’s modernity, with its laser-cut entry panel created in different languages.

The nostalgic element is retained through the use of restored glass panel doors and windows, a vintage liquor cabinet sourced from rural North India, colored glass chandeliers, antique carved brass hanging and wall bracket lights with black Marquina marble for the flooring and bar counter.

Exposed brick walls, rough hand-textured painted walls and a vibrant color palette of teal, blue, purple and green was used. Tiles and wooden flooring with vinyl chequered flooring were used in the resto-bar, with classical concrete balusters that separate it from the adjoining lounge. Peripheral lounge seating lends a stadium feel, with high table seating before the DJ counter. The passage between the lounge and resto-bar was kept to a minimum with high tables for a connective feel between the two spaces.