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Bohemian vibe for Goa office

Goa-based Studio MoMo has designed the Co-working Space, which was to blend flexibility and functionality in a 6000 sq. ft. floor plate office that converts into a space for social gatherings and events in the evenings.

Minimalism and clean lines make the co-working space look Bohemian and playful, reminiscent of a rustic villa. The raw, rustic appearance of the existing structure was retained with concrete ceilings, exposed conduits, ducts, and fired bricks. The space has a glass façade and overlooks the entire city in three directions. Thus, the landscape and greenery become a background palette augmented with artwork and varying wall textures.

Visually intrusive columns present in a grid along the floor plan were used to create arches, softening the look of the space. The open-layout design creates a collaborative environment for individual and teamwork; with private offices, conference rooms, and communal spaces. A combination of private areas breaks out into common spaces, which separates the working sections for the social sections.

A hand-painted mural is the highlight of the cafeteria where the aesthetics of a Bohemian boutique villa and a minimalistic industrial look are  blended. Yellow and champagne-colored fluted glass acts as vintage partitions for privacy. The firm collaborated with painter Vikas Soni to create two textures in distressed blue and green. While distressed blue is chosen for the common areas, green is used in the workstations. Metal folding screens with glass partitions and chevron-patterned blinds divide or open up the space.

Reclaimed furniture, metal, and locally-sourced fabric in a neutral color palette of beiges, browns, and ivory are used for the furniture, adding to its industrial look. In-situ terrazzo flooring with patterned brass inlay is used for the flooring. In the cafeteria, white terrazzo tiles offset turquoise bar stools. Natural light enters the office from three directions minimizing the energy usage on artificial lighting. Indoor plants and neutral colors make the space look fresh, light, and tropical.