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Bottle-cap mural for Mumbai office

Photographer: Sebastian

Mumbai-based Ashley’s has designed the Schbang Office, which was to craft a design that resonates with the quirky work culture that inspires and motivates the millennial generation.

A fluid, open-plan layout encourages interaction among team members while the conference and meeting rooms are visually connected through a transparent reception lobby. Zoned into formal and informal sections, exposed workstations occupy the former area, while elongated built-in workstations along the perimeter of the office wall comprise the latter.

The co-founder’s office is separated from the rest of the floor plan with bespoke interiors such as quirky hanging chairs and an extended visual connection to the outer environment. A multi-functional space accommodates professional events, while the cafeteria looks over the Mumbai cityscape. A solid yellow background was used for the logo display, contrasted by a white reception desk. Lounge seating is set adjacent to a bright mural, painted in grey and cool colors against the backdrop.

The office radiates with vibrant warm colors which spread across the reception, conference, and meeting rooms. White furniture on grey concrete flooring makes up the workstation area, while solid colors break the monotony of grey concrete flooring. Eclectic furniture has been used in the 10,000 sq. ft. of the open space plan.

A seven-foot-long mural created with bottle caps in various colors is the showpiece of the visual space. The ‘flock of birds’ art piece on the ceiling is inspired by the evening sky, which covers the exposed ductwork in a pop color palette. Bold contemporary art representing the digital world on a
white background, is expressed as a cost-effective alternative for the traditional false ceiling.

A subtle material palette allows an improved user experience in the design; the rustic grey concrete floor is a counterpoint for the vibrant interiors. Customized sleek white lighting over the workstations adapts to the workability and minimalistic aesthetic of the office, while the hanging lights spread a golden hue into the conference rooms.