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Bright yellow palette for Pune office

Photography: PHX India

Pune-based The Arch Studio has designed The Yellow Office, which is a commercial project located inside West Avenue. This is a commercial mixed-use complex, with shopping and office spaces. A compact reading pod space inside the open space allows users to take breaks amid the work pressure, and the design is focused to bring in the outdoors. The client wanted a clean and minimalistic space with a pop of color, hence an open uncluttered space with minimal partitions and internal walls was chosen.

Glass is extensively used in the facades and fenestration for a visual connection between spaces and invites ample light into the office. The reception has curved partitions, a curved ceiling, and bright pops of color in the furniture creating an inviting atmosphere. The lobby is separated from the workspaces with clear glass walls, giving a sense of privacy but approachability.

The open interiors allow the structure to grow flexibly simply by adding workstations or meeting rooms without modifying internal walls. It allows for natural light to penetrate inside the work area through partitions equipped with glazing panels.

Bright colorful chairs and pops of green are the major design elements in the discussion area, and a bookshelf acts as a divider between the workspace and the discussion room. The grey large round light fitting on top of the table adds warmth and complements the grey roman blinds. The workstation space features yellow, white, and grey to add modernity to the office. It has a central docking system that allows ample desk space and creates a fuss-free environment with sleek and quirky tables.

Modular components can be easily arranged, offering room to grow within the available space of 1000 sq. ft.  The firm recreated the transparency of a glass box, which is practical and functional. Wall paneling is kept to the minimum to create a larger-than-life atmosphere, and linear grooves with lights break the monotony of the white-wash walls and visually expand the space.

The bright yellow palette and greenery are the center of attention and ensure a warm and welcoming ambiance, along with colorful seating. Primary colors in the chairs, furniture, sofas, and other accents add a pop of energy. Natural light pours into the director’s cabin with a desk, back storage, and a sofa. The wooden desk with dark grey detailing, yellow and blue chairs, and vertical greens offers an up-to-date feel. The veneer back paneling with grooves adds a lot of warmth.