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Bringing in the benefits of natural light in homes

Text: Ar. Bhuvan Kapila, Founder and Principal Architect, Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture, New Delhi

Natural light can reinvigorate one’s home’s essence, which positively impacts health in different ways. This creates a pleasant mood, enhances the interiors and energises the home. Indoor places with a dramatic interplay of lights create an inviting and enthusiastic ambience for the occupants. One must maximise the benefits of natural light, which would make lasting improvements to your home and the environment.

  • Enhances the quality of space

Proper integration of natural lighting into a built environment increases its aesthetics and functionality, as the rooms look spacious due to the large windows. Facades control lighting and make the space look natural, pleasing and profound. Rooms look bright and airy when monotone colours are brightened up with natural light, which gives them a timeless style.

  • Increases comfort

Living spaces using natural lighting are proven to be more comfortable as compared to their counterparts blasted with artificial lighting. Over-illuminating spaces with artificial lights cause serious health issues such as discomfort, headaches and anxiety. Inadequately-lit spaces promote the growth of fungi and mould, making the space gloomy, uncomfortable and unhealthy. Expansive windows also bring in the fresh air that improves a space’s comfort index.

  • Promotes well-being

Natural lighting triggers Vitamin D production, reduces strain on the eyes, minimises dental problems and helps in the development of white blood cells. It also improves neural activity, helps release serotonin and regulates blood pressure. We must let in abundant natural light and feel more connected to the outside world, which enhances our mental well-being.

  • Improves energy efficiency

As architecture is largely dependent on sustainable design and energy conservation, natural illumination is the most effective way to reduce energy consumption costs. It controls indoor temperature and reduces the need for air-conditioning while replacing artificial heating and cooling systems.

Strategically-placed windows let natural light into your home, minimising the amount of electricity intake from artificial lighting for the home. Building facades play a significant role in controlling the amount of sunlight entering the interiors, thus increasing indoor comfort and reducing energy costs.