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Christmas spirit for Bengaluru villa

Bengaluru-based The KariGhars has designed the Prestige Lakeside Habitat, a villa reflecting the Christmas season. Dark red bricks and outdoor lighting such as spotlights and floodlights add to its aestheticism, surrounded by an attached garden. There are bollard lights along the white picket fence, along with a koi fish pond and greenery.

Ceiling panels with a geometric chandelier highlight the flamboyance of the living room, which includes a flameless firepit and a copper or bronze wreath, amalgamating the industrial, vintage and contemporary together. Bespoke cove lighting add a diffused light to the interiors, without it being a disturbance. Twine spheres and a forest-green armchair further imbibe the Christmas spirit in the master bedroom, while there is enough storage space for the children’s room. There are bunkbeds and zones for them to entertain their friends, illuminated by a starlit garland and ceiling twinkle lights.