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Cozy Home Interior Tips for Christmas

Text: Des. Robin Sisodiya, Principal Designer, Asro Arcade, Gurugram

The onset of winter calls for warm home interiors in the festive season, which maintains a relaxing ambience. One can uplift their house without major renovations, simply by aesthetically modifying the residence without compromising on functionality.

Bring in the 1970s to your living space by using shag accents, which include accent pillows, blankets and carpets to accentuate the furnishings. Introduce scented candles or diffusers to humidify the space, by using scents like lemongrass, cinnamon, lavender or sweet vanilla for a friendly ambience. Warm fragrances paired with a candle holder is an aesthetic tabletop piece, while retaining a focal point in the room.

Tables highlight the room’s aesthetic appeal, as they protect the furnishings from stains, add contrast and bring an inviting feel to unexposed surfaces. Experiment with pendant and accent lighting, such as warm white lights that create an interplay of light and shadow. Bring in green shades by incorporating indoor plants, and upgrading to neutral-coloured curtains.