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Earthy accents for Vadodara home

Photography: Pixellus Photography

Vadodara-based Studio DSA has designed Samyak, a residential project on a rectangular plot area of 5,700 sq. ft. The main 7.5-m. approach road has an internal of 6 m., and the east-facing home is designed according to Vaastu regulations. The three-generational home’s façade features exposed concrete mass, exposed brickwork and white accents. This allows the house to breathe and respond to daylight, ventilation and other natural conditions.

The layout includes a formal and informal living area oriented towards the east, filtered by the surrounding greenery. The informal living space is placed in the sunward direction and is kept cool using blues, greys and Italian marble flooring. Brass murals and copper inlays are freely used against the white walls. A sit-out extension with exposed brick pergolas placed at a 20-ft. height brings in sunlight, adding to the earthy effect.

On the first floor, bedrooms are laid out in the sunward direction. The children’s bedroom opens up in the south bringing wind into the house. The master bedroom faces the garden and experiences an interplay of light with the movement of the sun. The home theatre at the rear avoids the harsh sun exposure and has a bar table.