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European design for Mumbai kitchen and bar

Mumbai-based Umesh Desai and Associates has designed the Blabber, which is an all-day kitchen and bar. Inspired by European culture and tradition, the project is spread two across the floor – each with a different atmosphere. A quaint café on the ground floor and a bar on the first floor share the same mood board and stylistic elements and follows attention to detail. Some brick walls are left partially uncovered to highlight the aesthetic value of vintage buildings. Inspired by the West European dining establishments, one would find lilac glass panel windows and arched ceilings with raised floor seating on the ground floor.

Spanning 40,000 sq. ft., the European detailing offers a pleasant change from the usual concept of a bar and eatery. Artwork, metal fixtures, velvet upholstery, life-size plants and installations add depth. A variety of seating includes high tables, lounge sofas and dining tables. Vibrant colours inspired by colonial costumes and decorations pop against a natural material palette of wood, glass, brick and stone. Pastel colours are chosen for the fabrics, fluted panels and brick walls.

One enters through an all-white façade with coloured panel windows and doors along with cobblestone flooring in the al fresco outdoor section. The ground floor features fluted panels on one side with seating and an antique handmade wall light against a raised floor lounge sofa seating. An arched ceiling hosts a customized floral illustration and a handcrafted chandelier.

The staircase leading up to the first floor has a nature-themed wall covering and ends with oversized panel windows and a 13-ft.-high ceiling. High table seating, a swing table and a lounge comprise the bar. Installations are placed in specific corners to incorporate key detailing through local craftsmanship, such as hand-knitted pendant fitting and ceiling installation or handcrafted metal and glass fixtures and metal and wicker screens.