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Common home decoration errors that should be avoided

By Hemil Parikh, Elysium Abodes LLP, Mumbai

Home decorating is all about the things you do; the various hues you pick, the furniture pieces you adore, and the accents you opt for to finish your space off with that seamless look that you have been long anticipating. Every design is personal. There is not one single rule that everyone should or must follow – quite the opposite is true. Our personal spaces should look as diverse and unique as our personalities. Taking this aspect into consideration, there are many slip-ups that people tend to make during the design process that, frankly, can be circumvented in the interest of fashioning a stellar interior. Comprehending what not to do can be as resourceful as having a firm grasp on what you should be doing. Here are a few tips:

Adorning each room separately

It is fine to want each room to be dissimilar and unique. However, while doing so, one must not exaggerate and accentuate each space in a bubble, without there being no single aspect in harmony with the rest of the rooms. All rooms must synchronize with each other. A certain level of consistency must be upheld throughout and  connect the spaces through color or by making use of other methods. After all, the whole place must feel like home.

Never paint walls before choosing the furniture

This is the most common mistake in home design. Color palettes are selected without considering all the details. Avoid painting walls before choosing furniture pieces for a very simple and understandable reason: there are tons of shades to choose from when it comes to painting but the choices are very limited when it comes to furniture and accessories.

Making use of out-of-proportion pieces

Size matters and it’s vital to choose the appropriate proportions when picking furniture and accessories. Rooms should not appear tiny or vacant. A sofa set that looks great in the store can turn out to be extremely big and out-of-proportion for your living area.

Don’t make everything match

It is easy to get carried away and want everything to complement each other. However, this is never a good idea. Although there should be cohesion in spaces, an interior décor that’s too matchy does not speak for anything except a lack of imagination. Instead, look for an assortment.

Using an incorrect theme

Despite all effort, a living room won’t look like a beach house until there is a precise setting to suit such a theme. One can’t assume exceptional views from an apartment building in a packed city. Hence, it is important to pick an appropriate theme to make the most of it.

Never choose a small area rug

Postage stamp-size rugs are one of the most frequently committed bedecking mistakes. The furniture pieces and fixtures must be nicely seated on the rug. If this isn’t possible, the front legs of more solid furniture pieces can be on the rug while the back two need not be. All four legs of small-sized pieces should be on the rug.

Always test colors before painting

One of the biggest mistakes is failing to test the color before painting an entire wall with it. Consider painting a small portion first and then resolve whether or not the shade is suitable. Additionally, consider light and judge how the color appears in both natural and artificial lighting.

Not making use of bright or dark colors

Bright or dark hues can indeed be intimidating and not everyone may be comfortable in making use of them in their home interiors. However, limiting the use of neutrals will not make the visuals stand out and will lack a certain amount of character. Hence don’t be scared of strong and vibrant colors. They can be very appealing and add the required panache.

Don’t create a theme-based room

Although fun to beautify, people tire of them quickly. Themed rooms tend to get old and outdated fast and one is stuck, having to spend more finances in substituting items no longer desired. Instead, add elements of the preferred theme into a regular room. For example, for a jungle theme, consider tossing in a couple of animal prints such as leopard print cushions, rugs, mats, or an ottoman.

It is never too late to fine-tune one’s home’s décor with what suits that space the most.