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Five trends in smart bathroom technology

Text: Anil Ahuja, Director, Colston Bath and Spa Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

As smart homes advance further, home intelligence quotient points have now spilt over bathroom designs and appliances. As a result, your daily routine is now an experience with luxury fittings and health trackers.

  • Contactless bath fittings

Our first technology has seen exponential growth in the post-Covid world, which was popularly used to create faucets, soap dispensers, toilet flushes and hand dryers. Through motion sensors, they limit contact and the spread of germs between multiple users in the bathroom while preventing resource wastage.

  • Centrally controlled bathrooms

Home automation is common in most residences, where one controls appliances through a central panel or voice command. Smart technology has now extended to the bathroom as well, which includes multi-outlet shower systems and nodes, lighting control, temperature control and integrated entertainment systems.

  • Hydro-massage and shower spa systems

Bathroom technology has combined with bathrooms with spa features, including hydromassage showerheads and pump symptoms that use a multi-outlet or rain shower system. This offers a therapeutic psychological bath experience in privacy, along with blending shower sauna and steam functions.

  • Smart cut-off systems

Helping in resource management, smart bathroom technology includes smart shower and faucet cut-off systems in the hospitality industry. They are equally famous in environmentally-conscious homes, especially for conserving water and money.

  • Interactive LED mirrors

As mirrors are the centrepieces in our bathrooms, interactive smart mirrors function as a screen and control panel. It provides access to health applications, music players and health applications.