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Interior design performance in tier-2 cities during the pandemic

Text: Des. Rashi Bothra and Des. Ruchi Gehani, Founders, Azure Interiors, Raipur

Over the past decade, interior design has evolved into a democratic space. Due to exposure to design and extensive travel, people understand the value of professionally-designed spaces. They are aware of the latest materials and trends in the market, along with the international standards in designs and finishes. Thus, they are willing to invest in design that enables customised but modern luxury and comfort. Customers from the tier-2 cities are equally exposed to these elements, and they want to incorporate them into their lifestyle. The availability of interior in smaller cities and towns makes these designs more accessible to them.

With the arrival of social media, both interior designers and clients have found a common space in business. From a leisure activity, it is now a major business platform for interior designers. They and their vendors across the country now showcase their projects on social media, which makes it easier for clients to access and evaluate their style. Most business have shifted online after the pandemic, and clients usually contact designers on social media. Likewise, designers also rely on technology to present their plans to potential clients.

Today, clients are more conscious of their choices. We see a renewed concern on nature, and how our decisions impact the environment. We use renewable and local materials (vernacular stone and tiles), and suggest nature-friendly elements in design. Earlier, clients would focus on walk-in wardrobes and storage, but now they appreciate open spaces, balconies and green spots. Apart from aesthetic beauty, they now want to improve air quality, safety and healthy aspects at home.

Smart home automation allows for contact-free gadget and appliance operation, such as switching on/off lights, monitoring their intensity and operating home theatres and music systems using your phone. Also, this is why we have permanent gadgets such as sanitization stations and air purifiers. Thus, technology modifies our spaces for a more innovative life during the pandemic.