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Latest design trends in 2021

Looking forward to the new year ahead, Ar. Sumit Dhawan, Founder and Principal Architect, Cityspace ’82 Architects, Gurugram shares his views on the latest design trends in 2021.

Though ‘Ultimate Grey’ is the Pantone color of 2021, blue creates elegant and versatile interior spaces. It brings out its sophisticated quality through soft furnishings or furniture pieces that can instantly transform living and private spaces alike. Grey is associated with minimalism, and a warm tone balances out vibrant colors by relaxing and calming the mind. Metallic gold adds splendor to the design by adding a mid-century element; golden accents are popularly used in headboards and art pieces to denote luxury.

Speaking of bedroom pieces, patterns on the headboards and background walls exude a warmth coziness to the bedroom. Industrial-themed spaces break the monotony from the rest of the space, yet remains popular for rejuvenating spaces. Luxury can be juxtaposed with minimalism through statement décor that become the focal point of a living space, while radiating the inhabitants’ taste. Due to the rise in remote working, home offices and studies are now an integral part of interior designing. Formal working areas must coexist with the other spaces, and include natural light to provide homeowners with a proactive working environment at home.

Despite the transient nature of trends, they act as a base for architects and interior designers to conceive fresh ideas. One does not have a fixed formula but experiments with existing and personalized elements to create the desired aesthetic.