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Spring furniture trends in 2021

Mr. Palash Agrawal, Director, Vedas Exports, Ranchi

The spring season of 2021 has brought in minimalistic, functional and colorful home décor trends. Organizations have now opted for a work-from-home situation, and people now spend time at home due to travel restrictions. Therefore, they are now interested in redesigning their existing spaces, such as by:

  • Home office corners

Most houses now have a work corner, and people now spend more than twelve hours working from home. Ergonomic chairs, compact study tables, desk accessories and walls now must look more inspiring.

  • Demarcated spaces

Metropolitan cities have smaller houses, and room partitions are necessary to demarcate between one single space shared by multiple members. Wooden jaalis or foldable sections are common, which can be used, folded and put away when not in use.

  • Functional furniture

Mounted tables are now fixed on the walls, and are folded down when people are working. They double up as wall pieces, as they come in interesting color combinations and themes.

  • Lending personality to the house

Opt for white walls and add pops of colors, along with interesting wallpapers and painting sections of the house.

  • Green homes

Apart from home gardening, people now grow flowers and bonsai that acts unique show elements for the tables, corners and windows.