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Tips to bring in festive cheer in home interiors

The holiday season includes family time, exchanging gifts, cleaning and decorating. As designers, we must constantly think of creative ways to beautify our homes for ourselves, family and friends. Though traditional elements are essential, here’s how Aashita Chadha, Co-founder and CEO, The KariGhars, Bengaluru suggests spreading love, warmth and joy in the upcoming holiday season.

Capitalise on the holiday cheer by illuminating the house with multiple sources of life, similar to the simple clay diya. You can even invite the children to paint these homely diyas with their elders, which makes for a fun activity. Paper lampshades are available in several designs, are versatile and cast a warm glow in a laidback outdoor setting. Alternatively, a chandelier that matches the holiday décor also incorporates luxury into the space. If you don’t want the trouble of painting an accent wall each year, choose temporary wallpaper that can be peeled off after the festive season. Accent walls are placed at the entrance to ensure visibility, which is used as a photobooth as well.

Painting over an existing wall using stencils is another DIY activity by both adults and children, which lets them bond together. Children’s bedrooms are rejuvenated using decal stickers, which can be easily installed without a professional. Replace soft furnishings in fuchsia pink, marigold orange and royal blue textiles, as it is wasteful to change furniture every year. Soft pastels, neutrals and blacks magnify these bright colours, and bring in the spirit of Indian festivals.

Contrasting fabrics such as cotton and jute, silk and brocade or velvet and jacquard highlight a visual and tactile contrast in the carpets, bedliners, table runners and napkins and other accessories. Finally, silverware is used as novelty décor, which bring out the elegance of the festival season.