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Winter wedding décor for Outdoor Setups

Text: Theme Weavers Designs, Gurugram

As the winters arrive, winter weddings are now the biggest events of the year. They are performed against breath-taking natural backdrops, though some remain uncertain about making an impact. The low humidity levels, the bridal party and guests remain comfortable in their outfits.

Sustainability is a common theme incorporated in their weddings, such as by using dried or seasonal flowers as centrepieces. White flowers are especially chosen for the wedding bouquets or archways, which can be donated to relevant companies to recycle them into incense sticks or organic fertiliser. Velvet or manmade velvet can be used for the archways or tents, as they are easier to source and maintain.

Authorities are easily sanitised to maintain the Covid-19 safety guidelines, along with preparing edible arrangements that can be dismantled and consumed. Wooden or steel chalkboards are perfect for signage as compared to plastic placeholders, while glass bottles are repurposed with foliage and lights for an ambient environment.

For a warm and rustic ambience, firepits are a major source for the same. As a result, tents promote an open layout centre around the same in an amphitheatre-style formation to view the ceremony. Elevation prevents the smoke from blurring the guests’ vision, or a gas-operated firepit is a safer and cheaper alternative. As gas pits are easier to maintain, operate and need minimum supervision, they are an eco-friendly option to traditional firepits.

Due to the colder season, natural light must be replaced with a combination of artificial lighting elements. Consider fairy lights, paper lanterns, chandeliers and pillar lights to illuminate the gathering spaces, while individual tables can be lit with tea lights or candlesticks.