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Kochi-based Kumar Group Total Designers has designed the Sanjeevanam Hospital, which was to amalgamate traditional and modern architectural systems for an age-old healing practice. The one-acre site accommodates an 81-bed hospital, 17 treatment rooms and recreational facilities. The project, a holistic wellness practice uses a triple-height atrium with perforated aluminium façade screens to facilitate natural light and ventilation, and create a calm congregation space. These rooms are designed to bring solace and a feeling of home.

Natural ventilation of rooms and other interior spaces are a priority, resulting in a spatial configuration that permits smooth airflow. Natural vegetation in lobbies and rooms creates a cohesive environment emphasising Ayurvedic principles. Pitched roofs unify traditional and modern architectural styles and channel the essence of Ayurveda.

Earthy ambiance for Chennai salon https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/earthy-ambiance-for-chennai-salon/ Wed, 21 Oct 2020 03:27:30 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=18165

New Delhi-based RSDA has designed the Vurve Signature Salon in Chennai, a two-storeyed beauty establishment offering various services. One enters the salon through a red door, and the lift lobby leads to the first floor.

A softly-lit hallway has a parametrically-designed ceiling, complementing the warm wooden floor, concrete-textured walls and a bright yellow ceiling. Illuminated with warm lighting, the site creates a serene and earthy ambiance. Animated forms break the monotony of a traditional box-like arrangement, and a main yellow-painted styling table with seating acts like a flowing design element. It extends to the counter bar table and joins the ceiling for functional and spatial utility.

Overhead ceiling-suspended lighting fixtures are strategically placed, functioning as both task and accent lighting. Biophilic elements such as plants on the counter and metallic frames on the walls imitate the natural surroundings. Live green cladding naturally lit through a skylight are highlighting features on the upper-level rooms. A terrace garden thrives as a live design element that maintains indoor views and insulates the building against heat.

Rubberwood is an environmentally-friendly material used for the reception desk, with rustic brick cladding for the vertical surfaces. Grey and brown form the major color theme, intensified by the bright yellow paint on the counter and ceiling.

Vibrant color palette for Ahmedabad hospital https://ifj.co.in/focus-projects/vibrant-color-palette-for-ahmedabad-hospital/ Tue, 20 Oct 2020 04:17:14 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=18126

Photographer: Inclined Studio

Ahmedabad-based Archaic Design Studio has designed the Samarth Orthopaedic Center, which was to accommodate multiple spaces into a hospital project.

The client wished to incorporate several diverse spaces into an old building, which was reflected in its walls and floor. A reception and waiting area, two  consultation rooms, meeting room, X ray rooms, dressing room and scrub area, medical store, general recovery rooms, medical store, operation theatre along with a mini storage area that contains medical tools and post-operative recovery room, all were mandated to be included in the project.

A palette of vibrant yellow, magenta, green and blue were chosen for better engagement. Treated wooden panels with natural-finished laminates and PU coats are used as wall cladding. The firm ensured minimal civil work due to the building’s ceiling height restrictions, as further work would make the space look narrow and congested. White walls with a wooden finish were used for the reception and waiting area.

Hexagonal design for Mumbai train station https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/hexagonal-design-for-mumbai-train-station/ Tue, 20 Oct 2020 03:35:58 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=18115

Mumbai-based Mandviwala Qutub and Associates has designed the Train Station, a sustainable social project that connects people to local culture as opposed to an ordinary transit spot. Inspired by a molecular structure of a diamond, the hexagonal structure unfolds into a crystalline form.

The folded plate roof is composed of the clerestory fins at the large entrance roof for ventilation, the glass skylights, and the internal perforated metal screen. These elements filter and diffuse natural light, and the roof allow for larger spans, is easy to construct, and exposes a lesser surface area for direct heat gain. Glass facades are vertically titled by 15 degrees for self-shading, and are folded towards the north-south direction for minimum heat gain.

The screen walls have different traditional motifs used for block printing in the handloom industry, which allow cross-ventilation through the structure. The concourse is raised to a higher level of 4.5 meters to ease traffic flow on the main roads and render the station visible and functional with circulation patterns.

Maintenance-free infrastructure for Solapur hospital https://ifj.co.in/focus-projects/maintenance-free-infrastructure-for-solapur-hospital/ Mon, 19 Oct 2020 04:12:27 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=18083

Solapur-based NMD Interiors has designed the Raghoji Kidney and Multispecialty Hospital, which was to design clean lines, a simple and elegant design, and state-of-the-art facilities for a corporate standard hospital. The client wanted a sustainable approach for the hospital, which would be equipped with modular operation theatres, conference rooms for telemedicine and cashless facilities.

Spread over 38,000 sq. ft., the design focuses on maintenance-free infrastructure, with simple, clean lines with pastel blue tones used for the comfort of staff and patient. Since the OPD waiting area witnesses maximum footfall, a wooden ceiling was chosen for the passageway while laser-cut lights were used for the rest of the space. Anti-skid semi-gloss vitrified flooring reflects light and green pockets with seating pockets add freshness. Facilities for public WiFi are included within the premises as well. General, semi-deluxe, and deluxe rooms were clad with easy-to-clean vitrified tiles. Nurse’s stations were equipped with Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS) that are centrally connected to handle emergencies.

The client wanted the operation theatres, the 12-bed dialysis room and ICU to maintain a full view of all the patients’ beds at a time. Three operation theatres are ready for telemedicine, with no risk of dust saturation, along with vinyl for flooring and walls to promote sterile corridors. A suspended television below the HVAC section in the dialysis area, provides entertainment. A nurse’s station is designed for patient observation and curtains are used for privacy when needed. Two separate cabins are reserved for HIV-positive patients with dedicated equipment for their use.

For the ICU, complete visibility of patients from the central nurse station is essential, as two nurses supervise intensive care patients at all times. A free-flowing curve shape promotes overall space ambience and functionality for easy bed movement and access to medical equipment. The ICU beds are equipped with front-directional pendant lighting on the left, to ease work during emergencies. An isolation cabin is reserved for critically-ill patients.

Moroccan theme for Raigarh residence https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/moroccan-theme-for-raigarh-residence/ Mon, 19 Oct 2020 03:40:41 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=18066

Raipur-based Creations has designed the Moroccan Residential Bungalow in Raigarh, a residence spread over 10,000 sq. ft. The client wanted an ornamental design that hadn’t been seen before, and the firm spent two years to transform the site into a Moroccan fantasy. Inspired by the riads (luxurious palaces with an interior courtyard) of Marrakech and Casablanca, the firm tried to blend Moroccan design with traditional Indian patterns.

Ornamental wall panes coated with silver leafing divide the foyer and living space, which overlooks the sprawling lawn. A massive double-height living room is designed with a chandelier with a hand-painted mural, and metal cutwork resembling Moroccan motifs. A team of local artisans has designed and constructed the elaborate woodwork. Aristocratic colors such as gold, champagne and silver are used for leafing, along with red, blue and pink.

The bedrooms have hand-painted ceilings, ornamented headboards, and technological gadgets. Nine-feet tall windows allow in natural light, while drapes keep the summer sun out. Marble designs and molding are used for the restrooms, while the master restroom has a jacuzzi and steam room.

Energy-efficient design for Nagpur oncology center https://ifj.co.in/focus-projects/energy-efficient-design-for-nagpur-oncology-center/ Fri, 16 Oct 2020 03:58:43 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=18051

Mumbai-based Hiten Sethi Architects has designed the National Cancer Institute in Nagpur, which was to construct an aesthetic, functional, and energy-efficient oncology center of 500 beds, that offers a cancer care center, palliative care, and sustainable charity.

Spread over a 23.5-acre site, the project complies with the regulations set by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Joint Commission International. The design also conforms to the Gold Rating of the IGBC Green New Building Rating System.

An integrated design approach is used, maximizing clean and renewable energy to fulfil the hospital’s energy requirements for heating, cooling, and lighting. Aluminium-louvered sunshades, deep recesses and fenestrations are designed using sun path diagrams to counter the extremely hot summers. More mass is used on the exterior, rather than glass, to reduce heat penetration, which is maintained at 22 per cent with DGU reflected glass.

Curtain walls act as semi-unitized glazing in a diamond grid and straight grid along with horizontal and vertical fins. Vertical mullions and horizontal transoms are installed on mild steel, stainless, and aluminium brackets anchored to the columns, cut-to-size and structurally glazed to the aluminium sub-frame by a structural sealant.

The glazing at the main entrance is designed as the fixed spider glazing system, to obtain maximum transparency. The shorter sides of the building face the east and west, which reduces the surface area exposed to the sun’s rays. The elevation on the south is designed as an inclined surface with the roof hanging beyond the façade with horizontal and vertical fins, which allows the sun to moderately warm the internal spaces and reduce energy consumption. Non combustible, VOC-free materials are used for cladding.

Fibre-optics lighting for Gurugram residence https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/fibre-optics-lighting-for-gurugram-residence/ Fri, 16 Oct 2020 03:32:41 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=18035

Photographer: Shiv Prakash

Gurugram-based Cityscape’82 Architects has designed the Todd Residence, a residential project spread over 1,000 sq. yds. The client wanted a minimalistic home that had light-filled living spaces, with reading nooks and indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Following a zero-maintenance concept, the boundary wall is treated with dry stone cladding and the slab is designed to resemble bent stones. A scratch-proof, water-resistant and termite-treated porcelain door aids in longevity illuminated with mood lighting. Small cubes are omitted from the façade, resulting in openings that allowed natural light to enter.

A double-height entrance and main door exemplify grandeur, duly embellished with a water reservoir, stepping stones and a Champak tree. The ground-floor layout comprises the formal drawing room, family lounge with kitchen, dining area and powder room. Inspired by hotels, the kitchen is connected to the service staircase that grants privacy. The first floor constitutes three bedrooms with attached toilets and walk-in closets. The second floor has a master bedroom, a children’s room, and a lounge finished with a view of the terrace garden through the glass façade. Service areas such as the Genset and UPS rooms, laundry and ironing and servant block are planned at the rear of the home.

The basement has two guest bedrooms, a pool, spa and gymnasium. Two sunken gardens ensure natural light and ventilation for this area. Horizontal and vertical shading devices and on-grid solar panels are used on the terrace level.

A cantilevered terrace renders a floating powder-coated aluminum web, acting as a dramatic feature. It is 3 meters wide to accommodate smaller gatherings, decorated with planter lights and art installations. The residence converges with the sky, which is achieved with fiber optics lighting integrated with a white-painted wall on the front façade. A car park at the rear allows the house to ensure openness from the landscape design, while zinc panels complement the metal façade.

Skylight and green plants for Chennai hospital https://ifj.co.in/focus-projects/skylight-and-green-plants-for-chennai-hospital/ Thu, 15 Oct 2020 04:23:18 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=18003

Bengaluru-based KGD – A Katerra Design Partner has designed the MGM Hospital in Chennai, which was to create a clutter-free environment that welcomed visitors and promoted healing to patients, while maintaining international-standard tertiary healthcare.

Spread over 340,535 sq. ft., the firm has facilitated hassle-free and smooth patient movement within the hospital. In-patient and outpatient areas are segregated at various floor levels, with in-patient rooms orientated to ensure that they get sufficient sunlight. The hospital design emphasizes wellness and positive outcomes rather than patients succumbing to illness and fear.

Being a brownfield project, vertical elements were designed to bring in more linearity, while ductable units were replaced with cassette units. Due to a predefined structural grid, all of the rooms could not have external glazing. In-patient rooms look over the atrium with green plants, and a skylight bringing in natural light. With a LEED Platinum certification by USBC, the visual connection between the sky and landscape accelerates the healing process.

Jungle theme for Jaipur restaurant https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/jungle-theme-for-jaipur-restaurant/ Thu, 15 Oct 2020 03:53:06 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=17980

Jaipur-based AKFD Studio has designed the Shikaar Bagh at the Narain Niwas Palace, a restaurant that is a modern rendition of the practice of shikaar, or hunting. Inspired by colonial styles, the layout features a tent structure, semi-covered outdoor seating and open-air seating.

A large buffer zone is envisioned as the jungle, and the open-air court recreates the bonding over fires and hearty spirits. The simple interiors are combined with the comforts of the hunting lodges, along with fine cuisine. Though the space would be extensively used in winters, double-louvred windows, thick stone walls and fabric reduce heat gain for summers.

An iron framework and lime-plastered walls make up the structure and celebrate the materials in their natural form. Heavy stone walls are juxtaposed with exposed light metal framework as a modern interpretation of the old construction method.

An earthy color palette of desert greens and gold evokes the jungle theme. Locally-quarried Dholpur tiles, yellow Kota stone and Indian Satvario are extensively used on the exposed surfaces.