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Japan-based Kengo Kuma & Associates has designed the One@Tokyo, which was to construct a hotel that reflects its rough but approachable quality.

Cement panels with a wooden screen constitute the façade, symbolizing the former small factories in Oshiage. The use of natural wood with an industrial theme retains an element of the bygone Edo era while exemplifying downtown Tokyo. Spread over 10 storeys, the 142 guest rooms have the same minimalistic design with industrial materials such as structural plywood and an exposed ceiling. The hotel lobby and corridor are accessed through a wooden screen at ground level.

The rooms range from minimalistic studios to lofts on the upper levels that feature natural wood walls, square metal showers and sinks lit up with angular lighting. The Library Suite on the 10th floor has a wall dedicated to design and art books with an iMac device. On the next door, the Atelier Suite has angular dark wood panels with a large table and a 100 cm TV screen, ideal for art-lovers. They are the only suites with bathtubs, which are white enamel-coated cast-iron structures. The plant-filled rooftop opens up to magnificent views of Tokyo’s Skytree, an iconic broadcasting and observation tower.

Backlit grid form for Kolkata apartment https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/backlit-grid-form-for-kolkata-apartment/ Fri, 08 Jan 2021 03:54:15 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19226

Kolkata-based A Square Designs has designed the Ballygunge Park, a 3BHK apartment spread over 2,800 sq. ft. comprising a living and dining area, lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms and a powder room. Originally a 4BHK home, one bedroom was opened up to add more space to the living and dining room.

A post box-red high-back leather single-seater, grey nubuck leather sofa, industrial barstools and a three-component coffee table make up the living room. An oversized backlit grid form comprises the feature wall, also doubling up as a decorative storage. A wood-topped dining table accompanied with tufted chairs display industrial flair in the dining room, while the lounge bar has natural wooden tones in a brown-and-grey color palette.

Black tones in the kitchen express modernity, illuminated by industrial lights suspended over the glossy island counter. Grey marble and granite, natural light and ventilation adds a fresh vibrance, along with a modern cooking space and a wine chiller. The private areas are done up in a white-brown-beige palette for the master bedroom and darker shades for the guest bedroom. The powder room has a black-and-white Oriental design with suspended lanterns and lattice-patterned white marble bricks.

Minimalistic layout in Pune residence https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/minimalistic-layout-in-pune-residence/ Thu, 07 Jan 2021 03:41:37 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19208

Photographer: PHX India

Pune-based The Arch Studio has designed the Nature-Infused Home, a residence spread over 5500 sq. ft. The project was designed in a sparsely-populated area with bungalows of various built-forms, and a garden situated within 200 m. of the site. A clean and minimalistic design was preferred with minimal partitions and internal walls. Palm trees up to 40 ft. high are planted in the back garden, adding to the greenery.

Keeping in mind a no-clutter layout, the responsive home dissolves the traditional boundaries of separate rooms. A circular staircase, an arched opening and an elliptical glass welcomes one into the house. The living, dining and verandah blend into each other in the open plan, allowing the family to spend quality time. An expansive glass façade and a white color palette make up the design, also capitalizing on the back garden with palm trees and other foliage. Nature-inspired textures and earthy colors create a rustic organic warmth in the modern design along with natural wooden elements.

Feature walls are created out of on-site quarried stone, which is extensively used indoors and outdoors. Old wooden furniture is fused with modern lighting and accent pieces, designed with a minimalistic edge. Minimum wall paneling, natural light and the surrounding trees make the area open and spacious. The verandah is situated between the living and dining room, creating a visual barrier with maximum functionality as a central seating zone.

Printed flooring tiles, stone walls and a glass facade in the verandah lend a rustic ambience. Cement shutters with walnut wood highlights are fitted in the kitchen, which renders storage space for the client’s gadgets and other equipment. A niche in the wall conceals the wardrobe and dressing, leaving space for a small reading corner.

Wooden battens on the ceiling break the monotony of the whitewashed walls in the master bedroom, completed with a glass façade and fenestrations to allow natural light into the house. Mint-green walls, concealed wardrobes, golden wall paneling, wood and a dressing area with golden accents make up the design palette. The balcony is enclosed with wooden fenestrations to create a study as well, with wood, glass , marble and wooden furniture. White and black tiles, black cabinets and fixtures, a one-piece toilet and over-counter sink add a fresh and luxury aesthetic to the master bathroom.

A Scandinavian design in white and wood is chosen, with grey velvet bedding adding a comfortable character to the children’s room. A functional toy and book storage attached to a seating area is designed for the child’s room, who is a dedicated reader. Concrete-grey and pink tiles, a neutral brown truffle and gold fittings are chosen for the bathroom. Sliding walls, glass facades and greenery promote open communication and allows the design to stand out.

Traditional minimalism for Kumarakaon luxury resort https://ifj.co.in/focus-projects/traditional-minimalism-for-kumarakaon-luxury-resort/ Wed, 06 Jan 2021 04:02:53 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19191

Mumbai-based Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has designed the Niraamaya Retreat Backwaters and Beyond in Kumarakom, which was to create an opulent boutique experience that connects strongly with the surrounding landscape through balancing traditional and contemporary elements.

The 27-key luxury resort consists of independent cottages, a spa, and wellness center, yoga pavilions, treatment rooms, meeting rooms, an amphitheater, bar, pool and gym. The firm also needed to address an unusually high water table, heavy rainfall and water stagnation while designing the project. The 27 villas spread over seven acres of land, were neatly arranged in a spine along the lakeshore. A secluded landscaped foreground was created for each villa at ground level, which achieves privacy through a careful arrangement of fenestration and landscaped visual barriers.

Two-storied premium villas enjoy a landscaped foreground as well as a lake view, with privacy emphasized through the manicured greenery, of shrubs, grass, and trees. The upper-level villas follow a similar orientation to the lake, while the family suites have multiple terraces and covered verandahs that tie together a set of private rooms.

The degree of luxury manifests itself in the material palette, with large ensuite bathrooms with stunning views of Vembanad Lake. Akin to classical Kerala architecture, the design expresses traditional elements such as mogappus (highly-ornamented jewellery piece), charupadis (a wooden structure placed in the verandah to let in natural light and air) and sloping roofs through locally-sourced materials such as clay tiles for roofing, granite pavilions and dados, laterite and local timber. A natural palette of beige and green is reminiscent of the colors of Kerala, which brings in the spatial experience while meditative spaces were created with minimalistic furniture. With large covered verandahs and personal pools in the forecourt, a premium hospitality experience is achieved without disconnecting visitors from the verdant setting

Semi-circular staircase for Bengaluru home https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/semi-circular-staircase-for-bengaluru-home/ Wed, 06 Jan 2021 03:35:35 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19178

Bengaluru-based AJ Architects has designed Villa 37, an apartment spread over 5000 sq. ft. in a gated community. Multi-level gable roofs clad with rustic stone tiles make up the façade, and an external staircase leads up to the entrance and upper floors. There is a parking spot, utility area and servant’s quarters on the ground floor, the living spaces and master bedroom is on the first floor while the family lives on the second floor. Large windows promote abundant natural lighting and creates an interplay in the otherwise dark palette.

A semi-circular staircase forms the focal point and interlocutor in the villa’s program, juxtaposed in contrasting layers of teakwood and Staturio marble. The material palette is further carried forward in the living areas, such as the Staturio marble adds luxury to the formal areas. Upon entering, one sees a beveled grey-edge mirror with a console on the opposite wall. The shoe rack on the left side creating a CNC pattern acts as a semi-partition.

Gable roof windows, backlit onyx and jaali welcomes the visitor to the double-height living area. Moving forward, the dining area features a marble-topped dining table, pantry counter, wooden ceilings and a grey-mirror-clad crockery counter. The informal living area doubles up as the home theatre, designed with a curved backlit jaali pattern with barcode lights. The bedroom has a coordinated headboard and ceiling pattern, along with a readymade cot.

White and warm color palette for Mumbai villa https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/white-and-warm-color-palette-for-mumbai-villa/ Tue, 05 Jan 2021 04:24:09 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19160

Mumbai-based Enclosurr Architects has designed Crystal, a residential villa spread over 4600 sq. ft. Upon entering, the vestibule connects the entrance to the inner living spaces. Italian marble, black golden portoro marble, grey Armani marble, brown Embredo marble, blue Brescia marble, Spanish tiles and quartz are used in the project.

A formal and informal sit-out area is designed with neoclassical elements, which precedes the living space flooded with natural sunlight from the attached deck set. A white and warm color palette with natural daylight makes for a comfortable ambience, further complementing the light-colored furnishings. The space is essentially left bare, which allows for free-flowing spaces divided by a partition. Hanging lighting fixtures illuminate the space, taking one to the dining area and kitchen.

An eight-seater dining table is set off against a textured background, continuing the monotone palette. An island kitchen promotes easy accessibility and movement, allowing for certain activities. Leading to the bedroom, a neoclassical-themed bedroom maintains simple elegance with white walls and bright-colored furnishings. The second bedroom uses more colors and materials, and is targeted at the younger members of the family. The third bedroom features a rust-colored paneling against the white background and minimalistic furniture. Bathrooms are designed to promote natural light & artificial light in a private space.

Latest design trends in 2021 https://ifj.co.in/expert-opinion/latest-design-trends-in-2021/ Tue, 05 Jan 2021 04:07:40 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19132

Looking forward to the new year ahead, Ar. Sumit Dhawan, Founder and Principal Architect, Cityspace ’82 Architects, Gurugram shares his views on the latest design trends in 2021.

Though ‘Ultimate Grey’ is the Pantone color of 2021, blue creates elegant and versatile interior spaces. It brings out its sophisticated quality through soft furnishings or furniture pieces that can instantly transform living and private spaces alike. Grey is associated with minimalism, and a warm tone balances out vibrant colors by relaxing and calming the mind. Metallic gold adds splendor to the design by adding a mid-century element; golden accents are popularly used in headboards and art pieces to denote luxury.

Speaking of bedroom pieces, patterns on the headboards and background walls exude a warmth coziness to the bedroom. Industrial-themed spaces break the monotony from the rest of the space, yet remains popular for rejuvenating spaces. Luxury can be juxtaposed with minimalism through statement décor that become the focal point of a living space, while radiating the inhabitants’ taste. Due to the rise in remote working, home offices and studies are now an integral part of interior designing. Formal working areas must coexist with the other spaces, and include natural light to provide homeowners with a proactive working environment at home.

Despite the transient nature of trends, they act as a base for architects and interior designers to conceive fresh ideas. One does not have a fixed formula but experiments with existing and personalized elements to create the desired aesthetic.

Indian vibrance for Bikaner suite https://ifj.co.in/focus-projects/indian-vibrance-for-bikaner-suite/ Mon, 04 Jan 2021 04:11:53 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19108

Jaipur-based Ayush Kasliwal Design Pvt. Ltd. has designed the Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner, which was to create a suite that retained the signature magnificence of the erstwhile Maharaja of Bikaner.

The existing structure has been retained as committed to the Maharaja, yet extended seamlessly. While the main building is constructed in RCC, the elevation and internal courtyards are inspired by the stone ‘havelis’ of Bikaner, designed by local craftsmen. Locally-sourced cement terrazzo tiles comprise the flooring, while local Usta art, Portuguese tiles, and Bikaner tiles make up the traditional elements. A bright color palette of red, blue, green, and yellow add an Indian vibrance to the walls.

Large hall with columns in a geometrical pattern to ease the functionality, visual character, and operational simplicity, is situated at ground level. A range of accommodations include Residence Rooms, Regimental Rooms, Prince Rooms, India Rooms and Republic Rooms. All of these are influenced by the Art Deco movement and the regimental lifestyle inspired by the royal family’s interaction with the Royal Military Academy. More research was done with the help of Maharaja Narendra Singh’s old letters and photographs to create a home-like ambiance.

Hand-embroidered tribal art, Chinese urns, bulbous chandeliers, and customized furniture in the diwane-aam and diwan-e-khaas evoke the Maharaja’s personality. The Prince rooms reflect his flamboyant youth, while the Regimental rooms recall his prestigious military career. The Republic and Indian suites represent the ruler reclaiming his heritage in the post-Independence era.

Dramatic luxury for Raipur suite https://ifj.co.in/ifj-likes/dramatic-luxury-for-raipur-suite/ Mon, 04 Jan 2021 03:53:13 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19093

Raipur-based Azure Interiors has designed the Clarks Inn Suites, which was an exclusive hotel that exudes luxury, drama, and style. Spread over 50,000 sq. ft., one enters through the double-height lobby that features a triangular-patterned black and white Italian flooring. Columns are latticed with brass strips and a golden front desk placed opposite the main door. It is made from wood and Flexi-ply and is enveloped in gold leafing. A 10-feet wide painting hands behind the desk, on a fluted wooden panel with black PU and brass edgings.

There are two restaurants on the ground floor, which continue with the black-and-white flooring. Jewel-toned furniture, bespoke lighting fixtures, and greenery segregate the spaces, such as checkerboard flooring in the fine-dine restaurant contrasted with pink leather upholstered chairs and sofas with metal legs. A circular private dining area encased in metal bars are placed in the center of the restaurant, with creepers hanging from the metal crate on the pillar, the walls with metallic textures and glass-ribbed lighting fixtures. The all-day diner adjoining the lobby achieves a warm appeal through the wooden flooring and ceiling. Green and blue furniture add pops of color with customized lighting fixtures and brass jaali.

The yin-yang theme is continued in the restrooms on the same floor, with zigzag stripes on the floor and half of the walls while a back-painted glass covering makes up the other half. Green planters and a red leaf painting on the lower floor help the guests to experience an outdoor atmosphere in an otherwise indoor setting. An indoor herb room called ‘SabzBagh’ emphasizes the hotel’s use of freshly-grown herbs in the restaurant.

A grey color palette with elegant furniture and trimmings radiate understated luxury in the rooms, with white used in the bathrooms. A bespoke reception table, bathroom vanity, lighting fixtures, and varied finished on the walls using paint, metal foil and glass lend their characteristic appeal to the design scheme.

‘Ratn’ inspiration for Jaipur boutique hotel https://ifj.co.in/focus-projects/ratn-inspiration-for-jaipur-boutique-hotel/ Thu, 31 Dec 2020 04:30:24 +0000 https://ifj.co.in/?p=19071

New Delhi-based Designers Group has designed the Hotel Devi Ratn in Jaipur, which was to renovate a heritage-rich boutique hotel set against the Aravalli hills, greatly inspired by the culture of Jaipur. The team were mandated to design around the theme of ‘ratn’ or gem in the project itself, while heroing the parent brand.

A complete suite property, the rooms are divided into four categories, where the smallest room measures around 550 sq. ft.. A mosaic chevron pattern devised with charcoal-grey and white flooring lends a strong basic characteristic. The headboard walls are envisaged with digital Indian art wall coverings replicating the Ratn motif, and other items of jewelry highlighting Jaipur’s heritage. Bedside lamps are studded with semi-precious stones set in antique brass-finish, inspired by jewelry manufactured in Jaipur.

Large wooden windows inspired by the strong geometry and filigree work of the building envelope the suites in a parametric format. One can also find accessories inspired by the pheta and kalgi of the Maharaja of Jaipur. Indigenous small-scale wooden accessories such as trucks and rickshaws reflect Indian art and culture, while a basic bedside table tray breaks the monotony of luxury.