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A Communal Realm

Imagine Studio, The Trees, Vikhroli, Mumbai
GPL Design Studio, Godrej Properties Ltd., Godrej One, Mumbai 

Design brief and aim
The factory space was envisaged as an ‘experience center’ with the intent to illustrate an engaged public realm as a microcosm of the master plan while preserving the site’s industrial heritage.

How this was accomplished
The space was adapted into a marketing office, sample flats, meeting spaces, a small café, as well as several outdoor areas.

Two former co-generation plants and a boiler were repurposed to become a studio, workshop and café respectively, while a tall chimney redolent of a bygone industrial aesthetic stands as a graphic memorial. For the interior, the old louvers of the primary plant were repurposed in Corten steel and perforated with patterns.
The second co-generator plant has been transformed into the workshop. A multi-functional space, it houses sample apartments, a meeting area and a multi-purpose gallery for cultural events while the existing boiler plant, between the studio and the workshop buildings, was converted into an all-day café.
The large chimney, the studio, workshop and boiler café frames a large plaza which is ideal for activities embodying the project and a Corten steel strip inserted into the layout acts as a guiding pathway that subtly indicates the key experiences of the entire experiential journey.

Happily ever after
The space weaves nature, heritage and urbanism through a compelling story of evolving contexts.