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Blend of architecture and hospitality for Palakkad hospital

Kochi-based Kumar Group Total Designers has designed the Avitis Speciality Hospital in Palakkad, which was an ambitious vision to connect hospitality services and advanced architectural design. Set at a picturesque location in Nemmara, Palakkad, the hospital has been a lodestar of healthcare facilities since its inception.

The 101-bed hospital is spread over 8 acres uses a central circulation spine to facilitate easy access to all the rooms, thus eliminating the confusing paths that makes navigation difficult at hospitals.

The interior spaces were designed for an enhanced user experience, by carefully selecting the finishes and materials to distinguish each space. Optimal lighting was ensured for hospital activities yet created a pleasing impression for the visitors. The rooms were designed to bring the comfort and a sense of being at home.

Avitis is equipped with top of the line diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and auxiliary facilities. Crucial design specifics such as handrails, guard rails, ramps were implemented to make it universally accessible. The design provides for immersion with nature, be it at site level or the spaces inside with a generous vista from any point.