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Double-height atrium for Amritsar hospital

Photographer: Suryan and Dang

New Delhi-based Intrigue Studio + Lab has designed the Apollo Cradle Hospital in Amritsar, which was to envisage a mother and child hospital that redefines the archaic notions associated with hospital interiors. Childbirth being a time of hope and joy, the design was to reflect the same sentiment in its design and architecture.

A defunct shopping mall was chosen for the project, which was to be converted into a hospital. The adaptive reuse project was not simply to readdress the spatial needs of a healthcare project, but conserve natural resources while providing quality medical care. External punctures and treatments were made to introduce natural light  and create a warm and comfortable environment. The stark white interiors give way to colorful furniture and fabric, contributing to a positive environment that promotes healing.

An existing double-height atrium was retained at the entrance lobby, to ensure light just to the reception area and the IPD zone. The IPD zone features vibrant murals in hallways and rooms, earthy hues, wooden furniture and natural light. The structure and medical technology are suitable for a secondary care hospital to achieve the required bed counts, operation theatre complex, and neonatal care.

Zoning and circulation are crucial for hospitals due to the flow of patients and consultants, medical supplies, waste disposal, and emergency entrance and safety. A 10-storied structure, the mall, and hotel access are on the opposites of the building. The approach to the hospital is on the ground floor while entering the main lobby that contains the OPD, diagnostics and clinical services. The first floor is restricted to the IPD, NICU, PICU, and operation theatre complex. The hospital is designed to retain the maximum number of existing walls and flooring. A clear height of 14-feet allowed the firm to create mezzanine service floors above the operation complex