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Dramatic design for Delhi musuem

Mumbai-based Matrika Design Collaborative has designed the Bronze Gallery, Ministry of Culture, National Museum in New Delhi, which was to renovate the existing Bronze Gallery, as part of a plan by the National Museum and the Ministry of Culture.

The existing gallery was to be developed around 100 bronze pieces curated by the experts at the National Museum, Dr J E Dawson, Curator (Archaeology) and the late Shri Sadashiv Gorakshkar, Tagore Fellow. The design was conceived on the foundation that each region of India had contributed to the bronze collection, and a cardinal concept created zones for the Chola bronzes from South India and the Himalayan bronzes from Nepal and Tibet. The gallery was planned around a pathway illuminated with direct lighting and showcases to display the collection.

Each bronze piece was tested against micro-lighting fixtures to determine the angle of incidence of illumination. This accentuated the drama through highlights, shadows and silhouettes of the bronze forms. The firm achieved noise cancellation by using sound-absorbing panels across the space to contain ambient noise and maintain a relaxing ambience for visitors.