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Earthquake-proof design for Kutch shelter center

Ahmedabad-based Footprints E.A.R.T.H. has designed the Gandhi-nu-gam Ludiya in the Kutch, which was to design a shelter system as a part of a rehabilitation program after the 2001 Gujarat earthquake.

A total of 455 bhungas – traditional circular hamlets – were designed with conical thatched roofs with clay and mirror work relief, in an earthquake-resistant block. The structures include health centers, grass banks, sanitation blocks, shrines, rainwater harvesting ponds and check dams. The homes are climatically comfortable in the hot and arid desert environment and socio-culturally appropriate to the tribal lifestyle.

An earthquake-proof design due to its round form, the structures have a low slenderness ratio, thick wall, stiffened base, multi-layer plastering, earthen material and small openings with conical thatched roofs. There are smokeless stoves for a healthier kitchen environment and house-to-house sanitation systems for comfort and hygiene.

Solar photovoltaic cell lighting ensures minimum lighting needs with decentralized systems and the decentralized sewerage system ensures hygiene and sanitation.