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Eco-friendly extension for 250-year-old Kakinada house

Hyderabad-based Studio Inscape has designed the Padal Residence in Kakinada, which was to create an extension for a 250-year-old house.

The client initially wanted to build a single room with verandahs on all four sides, while leaving behind the existing structure and creating a separate linear block to accommodate the extra bedrooms. This idea was changed to integrating the functional spaces into the existing verandahs and shifting the other spaces to the upper floor – allowing them to create extended spaces without increasing the overall footprint.

The wooden rafters of the sloped roof from the old structure are reused to create a flat roof for the extended sections. Mud blocks with lime finish are used for the walls, which allows a comfortable indoor environment in all weathers. The chances of termite attack are reduced as lime acts as a natural insecticide. Lime sandwiched between two terracotta tiles is used for the sloped roofs; being a natural insulator, it also cuts down on solar radiation offering no need for artificial air-conditioning.