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Eco-luxe design for floating suite

France-based Jean-Michel Ducancelle has designed the Anthenea, which was to create the world’s first eco-luxe floating hotel suite.

Inspired by a James Bond movie, the Anthenea is equipped with solar powered electric motors,and can stay afloat indefinitely thanks to five solar panels and two electric propulsion pods. Its domed shape is designed to blend seamlessly into the environment, and its central well serves as a natural air-conditioning system. One version of the pod can even incorporate a desalination system and wood burning stove.

The 50m capsule has three living spaces – the day space features a sofa, minibar, curved furniture covered with waxed concrete and a 3m underwater window. The night space comprises a circular bed and freshwater bathtub. The relaxation area is defined by a 360-degree solarium on its rooftop that can accommodate 12 people. All interior features are entirely made from sustainable materials.