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Minimalistic facade for New Delhi jewelry store

New Delhi-based Urbanscape Architects has designed Kataria’s, a unified structure with the façade of the street while simultaneously emerging as distinctive.

The jewellery store is housed in a commercial building in the heart of south Delhi, among storefronts of multiple renowned fashion and jewellery design brands. The complex caters to the requisites of merchandizing and retail.

A contemporary and sophisticated structure, the façade of the building is fashioned with openable shutters created with stone blocks. Glass appended stone frames double as display windows allowing ample admission of natural light. Initially designed as three inch-thick stone blocks with multiple mouldings, the frames presently appear as flat blocks, given the floor to area ratio restrictions within the area.

The stone frames resonate perfect geometry within the building. What began as an exercise using the Golden Ratio has evolved into a minimalistic, subtle, understated outcome with elements of beauty and intricacy. The stone frames are eventually replaced with Laminam frames owing to vibrations in the building due to the presence of a metro line running opposite.