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Old -Time Fount

Muljee Jetha Fountain, Fort, Mumbai 
Vikas Dilawari Architects, Mumbai 

Design brief and aim:
The restoration activity for this century-old fountain involved the repair of the damaged stone, animal head spouts and the non-functional water engineering.

How this was accomplished
In order to maintain this public structure, the architect removed the insensitive elements, and  restored the broken, damaged and vandalized elements. The animal-head spouts, made from basalt, Porbandar stone, etc. were restored with the help of skilled craftsmen.
Layers of stone and concrete were carefully removed. The functioning of the fountain was studied: the trap door was located,  the corroded pipes inside it were replaced with new ones to get it working again. 

The area surrounding the structure was gracefully cordoned off with landscape elements to ensure the integrity of the structure.  

Happily ever after:
The sensitive integration of the design elements has helped to retain the old-time charm of the fountain.