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The Evocative Charm

The Rice Mill, Goa, India
Raya Shankwalker Architects, Goa, India
Photo credits: Harshan Thomson

Design brief and aim
The architect was asked to retrofit an existing rice mill into a cafe-bar.

How this was accomplished
The original rice mill had exposed laterite walls, Art Deco grills, wooden trusses and a Mangalore tile roof. The 100 sq.m. space was conserved and now accommodates a semi-open seating area on the verandah, an indoor seating area, a bar, washrooms, a kitchen and a herb garden. Structural additions such as the IPS floor and exposed brick walls are synonymous with the existing structure.
Most items of furniture are sourced from local vendors, while certain pieces were constructed from recycled wood.
Glass inserts in the existing Mangalore tiled roof allow natural light to flood the cafe. Tropical plants breathe life into the space, while items of utility from the old rice mill were used as elements of decor in the cafe-bar.

Happily ever after
The space restores all the architectural elements that once lent the mill its nostalgic charm.