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Tuwaiq pattern for Saudi Arabian mosque

Dubai-based X Architects has designed the Tuwaiq Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia, which was to construct a mosque as part of the Al-Qiddiya project.

The Al-Qiddiya is designed to be the capital of entertainment, sports and arts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Spread over 334 sq. km., it is located on Jabal Tuwaiq, a narrow 600 m. high escarpment that cuts through the plateau of Najd in central Arabia and runs across 800 km from the southern border of Al-Qasim in the North, ending at the northern edge of the Empty Quarter in the South.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recognized the Jabal Tuwaiq as a significant symbol in Saudi culture. The term ‘tuwaiq’ refers to a ‘surrounding in the shape of a ring’; it is a desert that witnesses the blossoming of more than 2,000 plant species in the spring among water streams.

Four streams, inspired by the four rivers of Jannah (Furat, Saihan, Jaihan and Nil) draw people to the site, creating a flow of movement and defining the main zones of the terrain. The main stream, known as the Green Spine, connects the public space to the Saha that binds the different programs together.

The strata of the mountains and their natural relationship to the ground inspired the prayer hall and the cultural and educational components. An amphitheater was carved towards the wadi, allowing the diverse programs to come together to interpret Islamic culture.

The firm also designed a lush, three-dimensional garden illuminated with natural light that wraps around the prayer hall, creating a space of solitude and serenity.