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Vertical gardens for Chennai apartment

Chennai-based Architecture + Value has designed the Gardens Bay, which was to form each complete floor as a single ultra-luxury apartment in the posh residential locality of Anna Nagar.

Each apartment of around 3000 sq. ft was designed with four bedrooms and a cantilevered garden fronting the living area. The gardens were stacked vertically in a staggered pattern to create the front edge of the building. The second and third floors were designed to be separated into two different units. Being a developer-driven project, the focus was maximum utilization of the buildable areas as per the Development Control Rules, which is 1.5 FSI.

The design focus was on the creation of a functional unit and a floor plate which offered the maximum scope for bringing in light and ventilation into the units. Detailing was kept minimal and conventional techniques were used. The chief innovation in this project was the integration of green spaces for every home. Greenery around the site and the surrounding views were carefully studied and the design revolved around facilitating user enjoyment from site and context. A terrace was provided with a terrace garden and a semi-open pavilion to give an additional open green area for residents to enjoy.