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Wood and metal palette for Seattle cannabis retail store

Seattle-based Graham Baba Architects has designed the Dockside Cannabis, where the client brief was to define the brand experience within a growing and rapidly changing market through a tranquil, visually inviting and educationally-focused customer experience.

Spread over 1930 sq. ft., Dockside Cannabis stands transformed from an existing, nondescript one-storey building into a modern-day narrative. The footprint and height of the original structure have been retained to preserve the neighborhood scale. The exterior is composed of dark metal siding and roofing with COR-TEN metal accents, creating a visually quiet presence on a busy thoroughfare. The interiors are bright and spacious, courtesy of the light-stained maple, white oak, plywood cabinetry and a skylight in the existing roof.

Daylight filters through the exposed scissor trusses overhead while the polished white concrete floors offer a clean and no-fuss surface. Wood shelving and tables feature steel accents, providing a minimalistic yet contemporary aesthetic for the products housed under glass cloches and vitrines. This enables customers to peruse the merchandise while complying with the strict, no-touch regulations of the city. Products are stored in pull-out cabinets that can be stocked directly from the back room. When fully closed, these tall, vertical cabinets resemble a wood-panelled wall. This acts as a backdrop for the sales counter, which is only used for the final transaction.

The approach thus fosters a comfortable and informative conversation with the staff by removing the pressure to quickly decide and make a purchase while other customers are waiting in line. The space eliminates the bottleneck and clutter of a traditional cannabis shop sales counter, and customers can enjoy a personalized browsing experience in a pressure-free environment.