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High-end design for Nagpur home

Nagpur-based Anagram Studio has designed the 263 Aatreya, which is a 6BHK villa spread over 8000 sq. ft. The client wanted a vibrant, high-end and modern home that was strictly against synthetic materials. The rooftop terrace is the highlight of the space, which imbibes both privacy and an open-to-sky feeling. As the house was afflicted with small dimensions typically of an old traditional house, the firm removed the internal partitions to make the rooms visually larger compact. Old walls, structures and floors are eliminated, and physically partitions are added to separate the spaces.

Italian marble flooring along with steel, timber and concrete-finish comprise the material palette. The outdoor space lined with chiselled basalt stone and polished stone, while the periphery fences clad with hammered quartz are from Rajasthan. The steel and timber combination are lightened with a mesh-like partition unit sourced from Hyderabad, and the furniture is sourced from China and Turkey. A water cascade seen from the living room can be heard throughout the ground floor and a contemporary temple inside. Finally, the inside-out dining area with a ‘sunset’ Italian backdrop furthers the design terminology.